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Windsurfing Curacao Arrow The CURsailing Open Sail & Surf - Edition 2013 is a very fun competition for both sailors and windsurfers.
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Curacao, Sunday, August 7th 2011
Windsurfing Curacao Arrow Yeah, I know should update more... The blog is getting competition from facebook, which is far easier to maintain than this archaic thing I wrote in 2004. This is the Nui blog entry I should have pos
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Windsurfing Curacao Arrow Imagine yourself speeding over the water. You can do it! Windsurfing is an amazing rewarding watersport! Our specialized beginner equipment will get you going in less the one hour! Our instructors are eager to teach you windsurfing. Read why you should learn windsurfing in the Caribbean at the windsurfing school in Curacao.
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Windsurfing Curacao Arrow Curacao's Caribbean sister islands, Aruba and Bonaire, are well known in the windsurfing world. Curacao, which receives the same Caribbean trade winds as its siblings, has remained undiscovered by travelling windsurfers. Now, Windsurfing Curacao gives you the opportunity to windsurf Curacao! The whole island offers opportunities to windsurf! Check out these locations! So get your A, B and C's of the windy Dutch Caribbean.

If you're just checking out what to do on Curacao, if you're looking for an exciting activity, an adventurous windsurfing trip to windsurfing heaven Klein Curacao or just want more info about this great watersport. Contact Windsurfing Curacao.

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Windsurfing Curacao Arrow Never heard of Curacao? Don't worry here is some quick info about Curacao.
Curacao or "Korsou" in the local tongue, or written as Curaçao as it should actually be written, is a small island in front of the Venezuelan coast. Geographically, Curacao is part volcanic, part coral and part sediment.
Curacao is located below the hurricane belt and as such there has not been a hurricane on Curacao for 180 years. It's mostly dry, with one rain season from October to November.
The primary wind is the North-East trade wind, called "passaat". It is consistent almost year round, except in the rain season.
Curacao was discovered in 1499 by the Spanish. It had been conquered and reconquered by the English and Spanish until the Dutch claimed it in 1663.
Curacao was the centre of the Dutch slave trade, until it was abolished in 1863. Curacao is part of the Netherlands Antilles, which consists of Bonaire, Saba,St Maarten and St Eustatius. The Netherlands Antilles, Aruba and The Netherlands make up the Dutch Kingdom.
Curacao is a melting pot, with more than 50 different nationalities living on the island, which is about 60 kilometre long and at most 15 kilometre wide.
The official language is Dutch, however the language spoken by the majority of people is Papiamento.
Papiamento is a mixed language, with properties of Spanish, Dutch, English and African languages. Spanish is also widely spoken.

Curacao has a long Caribbean history, its capital Willemstad is on the UNESCO world heritage list and consists out of 17 century Dutch Architecture.
Willemstad also contains the oldest Jewish Temple of the Western Hemisphere.
Curacao is exceptionally good for diving, with more than 60 identified divespots.
The islands is ideal for any type of water sport. Windsurfing is hot in Curacao. More and more people of all ages are picking up the sport. Kids of 8 years old can be seen doing aerial manoeuvres, while others a speeding on the warm waters.