Hiking  on Curacao
Explore scenic and historic landmarks.
Combine with a hiking tour!
Biking on Curacao
Combine with mountainbiking
Group activities on Curacao
Combine paddleboarding tour
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Wakeboarding on Curacao
Combine with wakeboarding
Snorkeling on Curacao
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Combine activities. One location. So much to do!

So you want to do an excursion with your family or group. However not everybody wants to go windsurfing? Not a problem! Combine activities! We can offer alternatives for the rest of the group while keeping everybody together and happy! This works especially well for visitors doing shore-excursions from cruise ships, but is also a nice idea for your local teambuilding activity. Those that just want to tag along can hang out at the windsurfing beach where there is always something to see.

  • All activities start and end at Windsurfing Curacao.
  • You ride together as a group during pickup and dropoff
  • Great for group excursions!
  • You can combine activities as long as you have the minimum participants. We can help if you come up short.
Windsurfing Curacao location
Paddleboarding Spanish Waters Mangrove ECO Tour

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

A great way to experience the Spanish Waters is with a StandUp Paddleboarding (SUP) tour. The mangrove tour is easy for beginners and also a lot of fun for experienced paddleboarders.

  • Usd 50 per person
  • Minimal 2 persons
  • Includes water and snacks
  • Duration 2 hours including break and boat trip
Snorkeling at the tugboat


Explore the sunken tugboat and the rich sea life around it! Crystal clear water and beautiful fish. If you like snorkeling take the plunge!

  • Usd 43 per person
  • Minimal 2 persons
  • Includes water and snacks
  • Can be combined with hiking tour (+ usd 27 pp)
Wakeboarding on Curacao


The wakeboard spot on the Spanish Waters is all the way upwind where the wind is blocked by the mangroves. Here you can fly over the wake in super flat water. If you need a lesson or already know how to wakeboard, this is your option!

  • Usd 50 per person
  • minimal 2 persons
  • 2 x 15 min per person
  • Instruction included if needed
Sight seeing on Curacao


The Caracasbay peninsula is part nature reserve, part historic sites with old forts and cannons. We have different hiking trails from easy flat terrain to a little more adventures climb to incredible views.

  • Usd 50 per person
  • Minimal 2 persons
  • Easy or Medium (some offroad climbing)
  • Duration 2 hours including break
  • Includes water and snacks
  • Can be combined with snorkeling (+ usd 20 pp)
Mountainbiking trails on Curacao

Mountain biking

Bike around the Caracasbay peninsula for incredible views and great single trails!

  • Usd 60 per person
  • Minimal 3 persons
  • Includes water and snacks

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Why scatter your group around the island if you can combine activities? The Caracasbay peninsula is a great place. It combines nature reserves, historical buildings, beautiful views with fun things to do. Apart from what we offer, the area offers 5 public beaches with their own characteristics. Walking distance from Windsurfing Curacao you’ll find 2 3 restaurants with local dishes. The Pier is another  great restaurant with international cuisine. There are 2 diveschools also on walking distance.