Windsurfing after school

Afterschool windsurfing program for local kids

Get your kids windsurfing afterschool!

Windsurfing is a great afterschool activity. If you live on Curacao, why not let your kids learn to enjoy the best the island provides? Warm water and wind, year round!

Our special program is one of its kind in the world. Kids learn windsurfing the same way the would learn tennis or another sport. Weekly lessons build ups their skills. Kids are placed in groups of their own age and skill level. Our instructors teach them windsurfing techniques and after each set, kids get tested and will continue to the next level.

Some of our kids became world champions, some of them professional windsurfers. Most just have a lot of fun and gain confidence they can apply anywhere!

Onehanded jump windsurfing Spanish Waters

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The more flexible agenda your child has, the easier it can be placed.
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