Windsurfing equipment rental

Windsurfing rental made easy!

Curacao is blessed with trade-winds blowing mostly east. The wind is strongest around February. It’s usually windy year-round. October and November are the least consistent.
We are located on the Spanish Waters. It’s an inland lagoon connected to the ocean. The spot in front of Windsurfing Curacao is not really big. It’s great for freestyle windsurfing. If you want longer lags you can head a bit upwind. The lagoon is much wider there. No reservations needed.

We don’t allow windsurfing rentals on the ocean with our equipment. The reason is that we cannot guarantee safety. Strong side-off winds and side currents make it hard to stay upwind. Equipment failure a big concern.
We carry mostly Starboards and Hot Sails Maui. Our windsurfing rental boards range from huge lesson boards to 100 liter freeride boards. The biggest sail size we carry is 8.0 sq meter. Non of our sails are cambered.

Onehanded jump windsurfing Spanish Waters
Windsurfing on the Spanish Waters

Get your freestyle game on.

The water in front of Windsurfing Curacao is ideal for freestyle. Super flat spots and choppy sections allow you to learn your next trick. If you’re ready you can ask our instructors to help you nail your next move. Spock, flaka or duckjibe this is the place to learn it!

Don’t leave your (girl)friend bored on the beach.

Although there is plenty action on the windsurfing beach. Your friends and family want to do something active themselves. Learning windsurfing is a great option, but we offer a lot more options on site! Check out these great activities you can combine with your windsurfing rental. We are located on the Caracasbay peninsula. This is part nature reserve. There are historical buildings and great sights. Around our location are 4 restaurants. Closeby there are 2 dive centers. There are 6 beaches in the area. So there is plenty to do.

Rental card

$1155x2 hours

1 hour rental

$20per hour

2 hour rental

$292 hours